Death and Devastation As Russian Rockets Hit Ukraine –

Death and Devastation As Russian Rockets Hit Ukraine

The latest images of the Ukrainian war show the horrors the conflict has brought. A school in the city of Avdiivka was destroyed overnight by a missile launched by Russia. Local resident Emine Dzheppar tweeted a video of the school on fire and said it was the third school in the city to be destroyed by a Russian missile. Meanwhile, a German Chancellor has pledged to send weapons to Ukrainian rebels. However, his administration has come under fire for failing to do more.

Some military analysts believe that Russia is not using precision weaponry properly and is purposefully targeting civilians. A British military intelligence report claims that Russian forces have made no significant territorial gains in the last 72 hours and are focused on small probing assaults in a bid to test the Ukrainian defenses. This makes the Ukrainian government’s stance even more difficult to assess. So, it’s difficult to say whether the Russian military has the capacity or the will to sustain the offensive.

A volley of missiles has struck central Ukraine. At least six civilians have died, while scores more were injured and 71 people were taken to hospital. The volley of missiles was launched from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea. Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that Russian forces had launched a missile attack on a Ukrainian town. Three children and a wedding hall were hit by the missiles. The Russian military has denied using such tactics, but the Ukrainian president has warned that the conflict has damaged the nation’s society.

While the conflict has been intense, the Russian military is adapting its tactics to meet the needs of the Ukrainian population. It has settled on siege tactics and will increasingly target outside support for the Ukrainian government. As Ukraine loses its manpower and its supplies, Russia will likely start to ramp up its logistical preparations for a long-term war. The Russian military is also blocking the access to the sea, a key strategic asset for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military says that it has successfully used existing US-made rockets against the Russian forces in Donbas. The Russians have claimed to have struck Ukrainian army hangars containing M777 howitzers. However, Reuters was not able to independently verify these reports. However, it is a good sign that the Russian forces are attempting to use their new arsenal of weapons. This is a way for the Ukrainian military to retaliate, and it is one way to show the world the Ukrainian people are able to respond.

In the meantime, the International Criminal Court has declared its jurisdiction over the conflict in Ukraine. This decision was based on recent requests by the Ukrainian government. This decision was also backed by a majority of signatory states. However, since Russia is not a signatory state, the international court can only prosecute those who have committed war crimes. Reparations for these crimes will be complicated, and will take years to complete.

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