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A Russian Lawmaker Expects Google to Stay in Russia

A Russian lawmaker has stated that he expects Google to stay in the country despite the recent sanctions. This statement is based on documents obtained from court filings online. The information was published on the website of the State Duma’s information policy committee. In a recent interview, Gorelkin called for a “fair and balanced” review of the Russian internet giant’s business practices.

The State Duma is scheduled to meet on July 15 and consider dozens of issues. While speculation abounds about a possible reshuffle and policy shifts, the State Duma is set to discuss a host of other topics, including Internet policy and the competition environment. Vladimir Vasilyev, head of the pro-Putin United Russia party that holds three-quarters of the country’s parliamentary seats, said lawmakers would address more than 60 issues during the session.

Some protesters in the Russian Federation have been demanding the release of the detainees, including British journalist Paul McCoy. The situation has gotten so tense that even high-level officials have been faced with the fallout. In the meantime, the European Commission is set to recommend Ukraine for candidate status in the European Union. The entire process normally takes 10 years to complete. A spokeswoman for the European Commission says that any cut in Russian gas will not pose any threat to Europe’s energy security.

According to reports, Google has a presence in Kaliningrad. This port was known as a duty-free Hong Kong in the immediate post-Soviet era. It was a hotspot for new factories making furniture, cars, and electronics. The government of the Kaliningrad region also negotiated visa-free access to its border areas with Poland. As a result, an Ikea outlet in Gdansk became a destination for Russians.

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